Thursday, June 03, 2010

I like this book

FAME and OBSCURITY - By Gay Talese.

I discovered this writer recently.

An Italian (born Gaetano Talese) who wrote in the New York Times, years ago, his portraits of famous people are delightful. In this book: Frank Sinatra, Joe DiMaggio, Joe Louis, Peter O'Toole.

If you are a fan of good writing, you will enjoy Talese, a writer and a non-fiction painter of vivid portraits.

The book also includes The Bridge, a chronicle on how the Verrazano-Narrows bridge was built in New York and a history of the "boomers", builders of bridges and skyscrapers.

And there is some more in the book that I will leave you to explore.

Sorry, it's supposed to be a Real Estate Blog, but it's a lazy summer day.

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