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Today, just two days before the Planning Board hearing on Marina Lofts, the Sun-Sentinel turned over space on its oped page to a Chamber of Commerce cheerleader who wants to hug and kiss Marina Lofts because it's so wonderful. If the Sun-Sentinel was a decent,responsible local paper, they would have had a balanced presentation. Instead they let the C of C Cheerleader parrot the developer's arguments. Shame on them!
And shame on Dan Lindblade, whose low-class article trashes those of us who appreciate and worry about the Rain Tree. He seems unable to wrap his head around the idea that we enjoy something green that does not go into a wallet.
Planning Board hearing on Marina Lofts is Tuesday, May 14, at 6:30 p.m. in City Hall.

Buildings showcased by Marina Lofts developer are actually a bunch

of vacant lots, citizen finds.

Resident Steve Sticht investigates projects shown on Cymbal Development's web site... and discovers that the buildings aren't there!

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Sticht gives his report to the City Commission:
FORT LAUDERDALE, May 12, 2013 — 
Citizen Steve Sticht got curious.
The Marina Lofts developer has a "portfolio" web page on which he touts a number of major Miamibuilding projects. Sticht decided to take a road trip to Miami to check on their progress — to see howthey look in real life.
A rendering of the Marina Lofts by the developer
Sticht came back from his March journey with some interesting findings and photos. The fancy newbuildings shown on Cymbal Development's web site don't exist! The renderings in the web site arejust that: Renderings. Real buildings resembling those in Cymbal's images were nowhere to be seen,as you will see below. Cymbal apparently has rounded up entitlements for some of the sites. Actually putting up buildings is another matter.
Sticht presented his pictures to the City Commission during a three-minute Citizen Presentation. "I feel there's something fishy going on," he told them.
You can watch the video of his presentation by clicking here 
(link to video not showing here).

Recently a developer called to say that he thinks Cymbal is going to "flip" the Marina Lofts property,eaning he'll get permission to build — the entitlements — then sell the whole ball of wax tosomeone else. If that happens, what will become of any unwritten pledges, promises, commitments, representations etc. that Cymbal has made to our citizens?
(Sticht was kind enough to provide me with the photos he shot in Miami)

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