Monday, May 04, 2015

Why is THE GALE project so unique ?

Among dozens of pre-construction projects filling my portfolio of new construction opportunities,
THE GALE has been one of the most successful.

The reasons why THE GALE attracts the distinctive attention of prospective buyers are many. I will only mention the following:

1) The location is the best one can imagine in Fort Lauderdale.  A block from the beach, on the intracoastal, this is an area boasting the most "posh"  hotels in South Florida, shopping centers,
restaurants, a wonderful beach, and one of the few areas where you can actually see people walking on the streets.

2) Compared to all the new construction projects surrounding it, THE GALE is by far the best priced. At around $500 a square foot, compared to the $800, $700, $1,200 and even more that we can find in most other projects in Broward County beach areas, its sounds like a great deal.

3)  It is next door to a choice Boutique Hotel, celebrated as one of the best of its kind worldwide. The Gale is a prestigious name which will add value to their residence

4)  Owners will be able to use the building's pool, gym and other amenities, while at the same time they are allowed to enjoy all the Gale Hotel's amenities, beach facilities, lounge chairs, umbrellas, etc.

5) The Gale Residences are NOT a condo-hotel.  The developers are selling them as strictly condominium units.
However, there will be no rental restrictions at The Gale. This means that owners will be allowed to rent for long or short periods if they want to produce income from their property.
But, unlike most condo-hotels, they can also choose to live and enjoy their apartment the whole year without limitations.

6) In case that an owner at the Gale Residences would want to use his apartment for just a few weeks every year and rent it the rest of the time, without the efforts and worries, he can place it in the Gale Hotel's rental program.

7) Last but not least:  The Gale residences are not "decorator-ready". This adorable wording means that the floors in most projects come in bare concrete and new owners must provide (and pay extra dollars) to finish these floors with their choice of ceramic, marble, wood, or carpet.

At The Gale, the apartments will be delivered completely finished, with good looking floors, appliances and "all-the nine-yard".  Of course, if you would like to buy an additional furniture and decoration package, the developer has already provided for it; but it will be an extra buck.

You will therefore be able to use your perfect apartment the minute it's delivered to you. And you will not have to deal with many months of messy corridors, dust, and workers all over the place.

The above is only what makes this project different from all others; but wait...

What the few favored buyers into The Gale Residences will enjoy is an architecturally pleasant environment, with the last word in technological advances.

For example you will be able to open your apartment' door or allow the entrance to a guest from any worldwide place, by simply using your smartphone.

Don't ask me too much about these niceties; there will be plenty. I'll still prefer to use my old traditional key, but you know how all these marvels can enchant the young and not-so-young crowd!

Beautiful pool decks, cozy balconies, in few words, you must come to the sales office and look at the
model. You will have a glimpse at what life could be if there is  an ownership at The Gale in your future.

The Residences are outfitted with top quality appliances, luxurious marble kitchens, and outrageously modern bathrooms, beautiful cabinets.

I am a specialist of this property and I enjoy selling it.  If you want to talk some more, please call me:

Henry B. Nathan

United Realty Group Inc.


(954) 296-6741  or  (800) 416-2747 

In France: 01-82-88-88-65

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