Friday, May 02, 2008

New legislation for condominium associations

May 2nd, 2008,

Florida Legislature just approved legislation to rule condo and homeowners association boards.
Governor Crist is likely to sign on the new law.
This is the result of years of discussions, back and forth attempts to rein in the famous condo commandos and put a limit to the nasty disputes between residents and their own elected boards.
Some of the new rules are:
- Directors accused of misuse of association money must be suspended from their boards.
- Only licensed management companies can be retained by condo associations.
- Co-owners of a same unit cannot both serve on the board.
- Directors of homeowners associations must read their association rules within 30 days of sitting on the board.
- Some other specific subjects were addressed, as the flags sizes and specifications allowed for residents in communities, or the Jewish mezuzahs that are now allowed by law to be affixed to the door frame.

The new legislature does not pretend to cover all possible issues. But at least it is a good intent to limit the power of overzealous boards, improve practices and protect homeowners against directors' dishonesty and embezzlement.

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