Tuesday, July 20, 2010

More about Red Light Traffic Cameras

I am what you can say a reasonably "good driver".

Throughout my 40+ years driving experience, I have accumulated very few and only minor violations or parking tickets.

So why my "unbalanced" anger about these traffic cameras? It's subconscious I guess.

I am not an aggressive or even a combative person. But, for some reason, I feel that somebody has gone over the top this time.

Perhaps I should direct my wrath on the big bankers, the CDO's creators, or the finance crimes perpetrators.

But traffic cameras might just be a symbol of how honest people can be punished and penalized, while their country is in turmoil, a victim of greed and abuse.

While honorable and law-abiding citizens' life savings have melted in all kinds of creative investment schemes, devised by our educated elite and rubber-stamped by regulators and authorities; when truthful persons of all strata of society are struggling with the mortgage meltdown and the unemployment disaster, all we need now is that our local "elite" adds insult to injury.

Am I exaggerating?

Of course.

I read more comments about traffic cameras:

From "TheNewspaper.com" - July 17, 2010

Traffic Cameras Worldwide Go Haywire
Speed cameras and red light cameras in the US and Australia accused innocent motorists of wrongdoing.
Traffic cameraSpeed cameras in California, Florida and Australia are not living up to their image of providing infallible evidence of traffic crimes. To the contrary, officials must find clever excuses to cover for the mistakes that are uncovered with increasing frequency.
In Hallandale, Florida, the private firm American Traffic Solutions mailed a $125 ticket to Phil Kodroff accusing his car of "running a red light" at the intersection of Federal Highway and Hallandale Beach Boulevard on May 22. The Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel reported that Kodroff's vehicle committed this crime at the speed of 0 MPH.
To explain the lack of speed noted on Kodroff's ticket, Hallandale Beach police spokesman Dwayne Flournoy told the Sun Sentinel, "Zero doesn't mean zero."
A motorist in Capitola, California received a red light camera ticket after his car stopped and made a legal turn from 41st Avenue onto Clares Street, the Santa Cruz Sentinel reported. Police once again struggled to come up with an explanation.
"It may have not been the person involved that tripped the light," Capitola Police Sergeant Matt Eller told the Sentinel.
In San Diego, red light cameras are randomly flashing motorists who have done nothing wrong, generating up to thirty complaint calls every day. Local police told KGTV-TV that the flashing happens when the red light camera reboots.
A Queensland, Australia electronic engineering teacher is fighting an A$200 speed camera ticket he says is clearly bogus. The Gold Coast News reported that Philip Williams' motorcycle photographed in Robina last November at 79 km/h (49 MPH) in a 60 (37 MPH) zone. Williams argued that even the radar device's manufacturer, Gatsometer, said the device should not be used on a curve. Moreover, other vehicles are visible in the citation photograph, and radar is unable to determine which vehicle produced the speed reading (the citation shows a Gatso radar, not a lidar device).

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