Wednesday, May 07, 2014

The House Disco in Wynwood


For my young (and no so young) readers:



I just read in the South Florida Business Journal:

New South Florida nightclub to bring 50-100 jobs

After six years of planning and $10 million dollars in real estate, HOUSE nightclub is slated to open May 16 with a whimsical welcome to its members in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District.


Owner Mark Lowe said it’s difficult to gauge how much revenue the club is slated to bring to the Miami economy, but that it will create 50-100 jobs depending on its events.


Lowe said HOUSE is part of a long-term project that could bring 10 nightclubs, 10 restaurants and 10 hotels, all inspired by the nightclub's original concept. He hopes the projects can roll out simultaneously based on the success of the first nightclub. Along with his extensive long-term goals for the projects, he noted the difficulty the venture encountered in its earlier stages.


“It is a project that has been dragged through the mud across the board, and targeted relentlessly,” Lowe said. “As an entrepreneur, you take risks and fight for your business concept.”

According to a press release, the club plans to employ contortionists, opera singers, drag artists, aerialists, and other performance artists.


“We are excited to provide performance artists with a … [place where] they can showcase their talents. We need more jobs for artists,” Lowe said.


The club is located at 1915 NW Miami Ct. in Miami. HOUSE keys are required for entry and guests can apply at


Is this just the starting point of something or not such a big deal ?


Let's see how it does. And if it will really be the focus of this new entertainment district as they describe it.

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