Monday, May 05, 2014

The magic of Privé - A beautiful project in Aventura


PRIVÉ - a dream

Of all the new projects I have visited, PRIVE left the most pleasant memory.


Building didn't start yet. I guess that in a few months the incredible peace of a small island in the bay will be disturbed by noise, cranes, trucks, and dust.


If what I saw is what is going to happen though, Prive will turn into a small paradise of its own.

You pass over a very plain bridge and you are on land in the middle of wide waters. The bay on all sides, and on one horizon, the ocean. For some reason, the crowding of the distant buildings can't take away the feeling of silence and peace.


A boat passes by.  I am listening to the director of the project, while he is showing me an incredible kitchen in a showroom which will, of course, never be used. I grab some details of the induction cooking, the Miele advantage, the superb fridge, and a few more details, but my mind is looking at the water that surrounds us from every corner and I marvel at a bird that crosses high in the distance.




All is is good taste and light in here. I am no decorator, but it surely makes me feel OK. Even the unbelievably funny toilet that almost seems to be moving towards us, opens its wide mouth and closes its seat at the command of the remote. I try not to show a kid's face in front of the gadgets.


I might be wrong and all this is my imagination. However, if impulse buying exists at this scale, I would have committed it that day. The saleswoman quietly smiles. She must have noticed my wide open eyes.


Will I sell one of these apartments ?  At least I can say that I  had the dream when I was shown the concept. Perhaps I won't have a chance to get into one of the magic kitchens once they are all built and sold. But I will secretly know that I saw every one of them when somebody was still dreaming it.


Privé - If you can afford it, you should go visit it.

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