Thursday, September 24, 2009

My cousin's internet shops in Israel

My two cousins Mireille Simhon and Viviane Nathan are active on the internet with beautiful collections of clothes. It's BESOGRAIM Etsy Shop.

Besograim means "within parenthesis" (or between quotes). In French it is "entre parentheses"

My cousin Mireille had a great French restaurant in Jerusalem. A "parve" eatery, and that means that she couldn't serve meat or poultry. It was set up in a historical old house and it was a well-known landmark for many years. She had recently to close it for some landlord-related issue. I had some great meals there.

The two cousins have been living in Israel for many years. Viviane is a writer, and before moving there, she won some literary prizes in Latin America.

I just want to give them some support and wish them good luck.

I have another cousin who is in jewelry. She does great stuff. I will eventually post her link here.

Check Besograim now:


Whatever they do, they have always done it right.
Good luck, cousins.

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